Cipan increases investment in Vila Franca de Xira with a new antibiotic

Cipan – Companhia Industrial Productora de Antibioticos will exclusively supply the raw material for a new antibiotic that will be launched, in the first quarter of 2019, in the United States. Approved in October by the US authorities, “Nuzyra” is based on omadicicline, which will be produced in the Portuguese industry installed 55 years ago in the Carregado Vala, north of the municipality of Vila Franca de Xira.

To develop this production, Cipan will invest about six million euros in its own unit, a figure that joins the eight million already invested in the factory in the last two years by the Spanish group SUANFARMA, which acquired Cipan in 2016. The Portuguese company, specialized in the manufacture and marketing of active pharmaceutical ingredients, mainly antibiotics, but also other raw materials, is undergoing a growth phase. In 2017 it had a turnover of 19.2 million euros, 7.6 million more than the previous year. And it plans to reach 25 million by 2018.

Héctor Ara, president of the SUANFARMA group, makes a positive assessment  on the acquisition of the Portuguese company, stressing that it has accumulated know-how and is one of the few in the world that has the conditions to produce, simultaneously, pharmaceutical compounds by fermentation and by chemical synthesis. Héctor Aras told PÚBLICO that it is SUANFARMA’s intention to transfer its research center, currently in Barcelona, ​​to Cipan’s facilities.

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