Chemical Synthesis (Industrial and Kilo Lab Units)

CIPAN has 4 chemical synthesis units with a total reaction capacity of over 600,000 Lt. Cipan can embrace a wide range of development and commercial projects due to the large flexibility in reactor sizes and types of reaction these plants can accommodate.

Fermentation Units (Industrial and Fermentation Pilot Plant)

The fermentation plants have a wide range of equipment with sizes from Lab scale (2 Lt), pilot scale (500-10,000 Lt) to full industrial scale (up to 100,000 Lt) with a total capacity of 860,000 Lt. Therefore, Cipan has one of the largest fully GMP compliant fermentation facilities of its kind in Europe.

The fermentation plants are associated with flexible downstream recovery plants equipped with a wide range of filtration/concentration technologies (including ultra and nanofiltration) and different purification and finishing technologies.